With Family relations Like these Good thirteen-year-dated man is actually blackmailed of the their elder-brother

With Family relations Like these Good thirteen-year-dated man is actually blackmailed of the their elder-brother

Getting Robbie Thirteen yr old Robbie wants to experience care about bondage games, particularly when there is certainly an element of threat of getting found

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Granting her need to leave the girl brothers a few of the coal he or she is therefore famous for, Santa dispatches several elves and also make a separate beginning that shows as very embarassing and you can embarrassing to your several n

Cousins To prove on their own really worth are allowed to go out with their older brothers 13 year-old cousins Brad and you may Eddie need certainly to effortlessly complete some much more shameful and you may uncomfortable challenges. Cousins Region step one Cousins Region 2 Cousins Area 3

Sara’s Xmas Need to 14 yr old Sara provides a couple of brothers, that this lady dual plus one two years young. One another boys always and come up with this lady lives unhappy, compelling the lady in order to wrtie a page in order to Santa even when she don’t thinks into the him. She never ever delivers the page, concealing they within her record. But, Santa notices all the letters written in order to your, sent and you may unsent.

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