Why You Need a Swimming Pool Cover?

Energy efficiency is the main reason why you want to use a swimming pool cover when the pool isn't in use. Swimming pool covers come in as many cool designs as you can imagine. Once swim season is over for the year it's time to start looking for an energy-efficient, safe way to cover your pool for the winter months.

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Electric Pool Covers

You can find covers that either attach to the deck or to the swimming pool or hot tub itself. Even if you have a cover, you need to make certain you have the area fenced and locked even in the winter months because an errant child running through the yard could easily stumble and fall in.

You can shop for a low budget cover and if you want help in keeping the water temperature warmer – look for a bubble cover. You can use a bubble cover under your regular swimming pool cover – these are solar-type sun catchers.

The bubble covers are made of a material that looks similar to packing bubbles, it floats on the surface of the pool and the bubbles also absorb solar energy and disperse it to keep the water warmer than a simple plastic sheet cover. Solar bubble covers are low cost and can help increase sun absorption by up to 15 percent.