Why chili oil is better than hot sauce

I love a good hot sauce and the way it can make otherwise monotonous dishes sing. But let me tell you this: there is a time and a place for hot sauce. Sometimes, however, there are better ways to improve your food. If I were to nominate an all-purpose seasoning to spice up everything under the sun, it wouldn't be a sauce. Without a doubt, it would be chili oil.

Let me explain: hot sauce almost always contains a good amount of vinegar and salt, which are necessary to keep its ingredients fresh. Those spicy and salty elements are fine, even essential in many cases; for example, buffalo wings wouldn't be the same without that tart taste that cuts through the fat from the chicken and the butter in the sauce. If you are looking for the best chili oil visit https://www.ostro-organics.com/product-category/spicy-chili-oils/.

But there are other cases where they tend to get in the way: the hot sauce can make the soup unpleasantly astringent or mask the taste of delicate dishes in a cloying way. Chili oil, on the other hand, requires infusing its base with dry ingredients, which lend their spice and aromatics without the help of harsh preservatives.

It makes sense that you will find chili oil in kitchens known for their already liberal use of seasonings and contrasting flavors. Things have their place on tables across Asia, although Sichuan cuisine is where it appears most prominently.

 Rather than bumping heads into the intoxicating flavors of, say, soy sauce or rice wine, just add an accent that rests on top. You'll also find it in places like Calabria, which is famous for its vibrant red chili peppers, or Veracruz, where a thick matcha sauce is made with local peppers.