What You Need To Know While Designing Your T-Shirt

Many people are surprised when they learn that they can design their own shirts even without the help of a designer. The main advantage attributed to your earned shirt design is that you will be able to get unique bella canvas t-shirts that you will never be able to get at major clothing stores. However, designing a shirt has never been easy. This follows the understanding that a process needs to be followed that will ensure they get the best jersey. However, there are a few things that should be at your fingertips before embarking on your t-shirt design.

Consider the colors

When designing your shirt, you must consider the colors that you will be wearing on your shirt. This is simply because using the wrong colors can ruin the final appearance of your shirt. If you intend to use colors on your jersey, you must make sure that you do not abuse them. Similarly, you should avoid contrasting colors, lest you end up looking weird while wearing your shirt. It is recommended that you never use more than 4 different colors when creating your shirt.

Use high-quality material

This is the other secret behind having an extraordinarily well-designed T-shirt that even top-notch designers are not capable of designing. Using the best, high-quality material while designing your own jersey guarantees an exceptional and uniquely designed jersey that is durable enough to last longer.

Using high-quality material when designing your own shirt will also ensure that all the printed and graphic elements that are printed on it are visible and clear. The best material to use in your designer t-shirt is cotton. This is because it does not fade quickly. You will also find it easier to print graphics on a cotton t-shirt than on other types of materials.