What To Know About Akashic Records?

The very specific truth of your soul; all of its desires,thoughts, lifetimes and memories. Many people believe that life is a one-time deal. However, there is no way to learn everything your soul desires in a single lifespan.

That's why you have a chance to come back and use what you've learned to correct past mistakes through healing and make different choices. You can also get health benefits with akashic records reading.

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As you continue toward ascension you gain more and more knowledge through each lifetime. Many describe life as a school, and its true. That is the essence and the light of the Akash.

One excellent benefit of the learning through the Akashic Records is connection to yourself at a very fundamental and in an unbiased manner. You are able to see yourself through the eyes of the energy group that guides,protects and watches over you daily.

Another interesting bit about the Akashic Records is the ability to heal though the Akash. Every time you connect with yourself on this plane, you innately release negative feelings and views of yourself. 

It's not a psychic reading! Be forewarned you will not be told how to choose or receive any predictive inclinations, but given the opportunity to see yourself and situations unveiled.

Spirituality is not everyone's focus in life, but it is within all human beings. You do not have to be spiritually minded per se to benefit from the Akashic Records.

The light of the Akash is for the human soul. In the event that you do find yourself or your soul interested, recognize that is guidance and you are being called for a specific reason