Use ECG Patient Simulator For ECG Readings

ECG readings can be interpreted in three ways:

• Normal reading

• Abnormal reading

• State of death

A normal heart makes systematic diagrams at regular intervals. The heart rate is 60-90 beats per minute. The time difference between the PR wave and the QRS complex is 0.12 to 0.20 seconds.

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The QT interval lasts no more than 0.40 seconds, while the QRS complex lasts 0.06-0.10 seconds.

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Abnormal readings indicate uneven wave intervals. Sometimes they can have irregularities without a particular pattern. The cardiologist must then read the report to understand the patient's condition.

If the QT interval is abnormally long, this indicates a risk of death. In one case longer than half the R-R wave. When the QT waves eventually lengthen and lengthen, it can mean a person's heart has stopped beating, resulting in death.

However, death did not occur due to the ECG procedure. For various reasons like heart attack or accident, the person may suffer before the examination.

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