Tips For Improving Horse Nutrition

Feeding the animals you also need a balance of nutrients, energy, and water. Here are some tips for eating horse that will improve nutrition and health.

1. Provide Enough Clean, Fresh Water

Water is essential for the welfare of all beings. On average horses can drink 10 gallons per day, but this number could double in hot weather or when the animal exerts itself. Always provide plenty of clean water, even in cold weather. Keep in mind that you may need a heater to prevent water from freezing in the winter. In order to find quality horse supplements make sure that compare ingredient present.

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2. Keep Grains on Minimum

The composition of the digestive system describes how many horses need balance in their feed. Too many grains promote gas in the hindgut because the starch in grains breaks down in the foregut.

Excessive levels of the gas can cause discomfort and even colic. To avoid this situation, feed your horse balance of grain and straw fibrous to promote motility and prevent the gas in the hindgut.

3. Increase Feed Intake

Fiber from grass or hay should be equal between 1 and 2.5% of body weight a horse. This number is high in fiber helps the digestive system operate at the best animals.

4. Game Feed Type Exercise

The exercise will determine the additional amounts of grain or concentrated feed your horse needs. If your horse does not work, it may not require additional calories provided by cereals. For light work, up to two hours a day, your horse may benefit from the addition of one to one and a half pounds of grain per hour of effort.