Things You Need To Know About Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy formulations have been an integral part of the construction industry for half a century. Epoxy coatings are often used in floor applications. Here are some things that you may or may not know about one of the main reporting materials available:

1. Epoxy resin is the secret of high-performance epoxy coating.

Epoxy resins are the main ingredient for quality compositions such as primers, coatings and epoxy-based seals. This resin enables epoxy coatings, floors, protective coatings, fire-resistant, waterproof and damage-resistant paint to be carried out properly.

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2. The epoxy coating applies to many types of surfaces.

Special floor applications require special coating systems that depend mainly on the type of material used for the media. Epoxy flooring is one of the few systems that can be used on concrete, steel, and almost all types of surfaces.

3. The epoxy resin molecule is interrelated and therefore almost impenetrable.

The unique chemical between bisphenol A and the organochlorine/epoxy epichlorohydrin compound creates a reaction that causes cross epoxides when exposed to amines.

The resulting epoxy floor coverings are very resistant to the ingress of water, chemicals or air – an important capability on corrosion-resistant metal or concrete surfaces.

4. Epoxies can be combined with other ingredients to increase efficiency.

The epoxy system, the sulfide epoxy system, the aliphatic epoxy system, and the hybrid epoxy system are some of the common coating systems that are produced together with epoxy. Amine produces a shiny surface, better adhesion, and fast curing. The epoxy coating system is also suitable for alkyd and acrylic.