The Car Auctions Explained

For discerning shoppers, you can find discounted cars at car auctions. There are good deals on luxury car models. However, it can turn sour if you don’t know a few things.

There are three types of car auctions:

Police auctions, where vehicles confiscated by police and government agencies are offered to the public at a fire sale price (up to 95% discount). Many of the confiscated cars were nearly new and had a documented service history.

You can buy a car from car auctions at

Online car auctions where cars are sold online. Every minute 1 vehicle is sold through eBay auctions.

Public car auctions have good deals. Most of the time on TV, buyers can view and contact their offers. However, due to high exposure, popular cars were quickly overvalued.

This is an inherent problem with auctions. There can be multiple auctions, but the price can also be higher than the usual retail price. It’s no different from a car auction. The value of the car can be quickly beaten by attractive offers. Add in the costs often associated with auctions and this means that care must be taken to find out the true value of the car.

An easily accessible date for the value of a vehicle is a standard issue for auction buyers. A telephone with Internet access can make this information available during your visit. Don’t offer more than its value for the car of your dreams.