The Benefits of Portable Blenders in the Kitchen

A portable blender is a kitchen appliance that is often forgotten. However, having one means that you have the secret to making soups, sauces, smoothies and other liquid items with the flip of a switch. There are many benefits to having a portable bottle blender. When used properly, you can turn an average kitchen into a gourmet kitchen and impress people with your blending skills.

Full Liquid Immersion

The biggest downfall of regular blender is that you are often left with a piece of whatever you are mixing because the blade only reaches so far. Most foodies will agree that this can be quite annoying when you want a smooth cream sauce, soup or smoothie. With a hand blender, you can insert all the way into the liquid and still get the best blending results. 


Generally, when you need a blender you think of your big bulky machine that is heavy and does a less than perfect job. A portable blender is small and compact. Many come with a wall mount for easy storage. If you are traveling for a holiday or event, packing your handheld blender is very easy. 

Quiet and Easy to Clean

Anyone who likes to cook and socialize knows that using a regular blender can be annoying. Most blenders are very noisy when running, but this is not the case with the best immersion blender. These kitchen tools are quiet due to a motor encased in hard plastic. One of the reasons that so many people prefer hand blender is because they are easy to clean.