Tips for Rwanda Safaris

The premier tourist destination in the country is Mountain Gorilla tracking. This tracking is done on the rare primates in Volcanoes National Park. Gorilla tracking can take up to eight hours because you will have to walk through dense forests, swamps and hills. There are forty permits issued each day to track the primates. Apart from Gorilla tracking, you'll also see wild animals such as elephants, buffalo, hyena, warthog, bush money and a giant boar. There are more than 180 species of birds recorded in the park.

Here are great highlights of what you can expect while visiting for Rwanda safaris.

• flora and fauna remarkable: Nyungwe National Park offers stunning waterfalls, tea plantations luminous, birds, butterflies, and buttresses. It also plays host to a gorgeous orchid garden, contains several different varieties of this delicate beauty of great Rwanda safari.

• Up in the Clouds: To the high and mighty, the forest canopy just East Africa recently built in Rwanda. Offering spectacular bird eye view over the forest, it's also a great vantage point for some eye-to-eye monkey business.

• Coastal Retreats: Lake Kivu, one of Africa's deepest freshwater lake, is a perfect destination for Rwanda safari, because the location is beautiful, colorful resort towns and sandy beaches. Windsurfing and kayaking are popular activities on the lake, as well as a fishing spot for one of you handy with a stick.

• Heartbeat Culture: Visit Iby'Iwacu Rwanda Cultural Center, which offers the opportunity to experience the culture of rural Rwanda through the streets, dancing, archery, cooking, crafts, not to mention, taste local banana drinks and famous' Songs of the Gorilla!

• For Active: Mountain biking through the hills Rwanda 1,000 prize to highlight for adventure seekers. Why not try the 230km Congo-Nile trail, which provides a fantastic view of the mountains of the Congo, as well as the active Nyiragongo volcano.