Organic Shampoo: The Pros And Cons

The shampoo and conditioner were on the top of the list of FDA hatred for all beauty products. In several cases, the complaints of the skin, irritation of the eyes or scalp, and the reason behind all this is generally the same, use of a chemical named sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS. Animal and human testing showed that SLS is the responsible factor for severe irritation but is still used in many shampoos. 

Totally organic shampoo and conditioner do not contain SLS, but it is a problem. This means they do not produce foam like other shampoos. They are still going to get your hair clean, but they will not give you that satisfying feeling, and because of this reason most companies believe that the feeling of foamy really matters to consumers as SLS stays in. If you still looking for the organic solution for your hair visit and get some confidence regarding your hair.

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So, without SLS, organic shampoos did actually work? The truth is that there is no relationship between the bubble and the beauty. The fact that the shampoo made a really soft foam does not mean it will make your hair more beautiful.

So why do we want the more expensive shampoo that does not even form lather well?

Here are some reasons:

  • There is little chance of skin irritation and long-term health problems from SLS.
  • Your hair will retain moisture better, and this will improve the condition.
  • Your hair will be less damaged when using hot tools, further improving its condition
  • Your hair will be less dry because it is not stripped of all-natural oils, and yes, that will improve her condition.
  • Many users report SLS free shampoos to give better hair volume and hair control. 

Despite all the advantages of SLS-free shampoo, the beauty industry continues to produce shampoos that contain SLS.