Why Natural Stones Outdo Stone Effect Tiles?

Natural stone and stone effect tiles both look the same. The latter imitate the look of the former. But it fails to capture the very characteristics of stone tiles.

Artificial tiles however are the more popular size, they are never able to replace or substitute natural stones completely. In this blog, we will talk about the factors that help stone tiles stay above the imitation. You can get the services of natural & man-made stone sealing company in Australia if needed.

Check out the following subsections –

Both the materials are strong. And they both are sold with a promise of longevity. However, when you compare them on a durability factor, the imitation fails to win the competition.

Despite the fact that natural stones are porous and effect or textured tiles have a smooth and zero porosity surface, the former outperforms the latter under some conditions – such as outdoors, winter, summer, and fireplace.

Apart from that, they are naturally rugged and they are formed under harsh and extreme weather and atmospheric conditions. That's the reason why stones win over stone effect tiles.

Foot traffic should have been a part of the above section, but it is a major factor to evaluate the rigor of a material. So, we will address it separately.

No matter if you have a residential or commercial project, the tile you will buy will depend on this factor. You would look for something that would be able to withstand the traffic your space gets.

And when we say foot traffic, imitation tiles often crack and get damaged – even if you install them correctly and care for them adequately.