How Is The ASVAB Scored?

Most of the soldiers handle ASVAB with a given number of series. One person can tell you they scored 100 points and flopped while another shared their 65 points with great pride. The ASVAB test study guide at will help you understand how ASVAB ranks.

There is more than one type of ASVAB result. The range of classes and grades is determined by how the various parts of the test are collected. The most common part of the evaluation is the AFQT score, which means "Armed Forces Qualification Test". You can use these results to determine whether you meet the requirements for entry to the branch of your choice.

The sections considered for AFQT are Paragraph Understanding, Word Knowledge Mathematical Knowledge, and Arithmetic Reasoning. To calculate your AFQT score, you can multiply it by 2 with your Word Knowledge score.

To help you understand paragraphs, take your score, and multiply it by 2. Add these two results together, then add your arithmetic reasoning and math knowledge results.

Your AFQT will help you determine your admission to the branch of the armed forces of your choice. The minimum estimates for each branch at the time of writing are as follows:

31 – soldiers

31 – Marines

35 – Navy

45 – Coast Guard

36 – Air Force

Now, remember that this is the minimum score that you need to achieve to qualify for your chosen industry. However, you'll always want to aim for 10 or 20 points more to ensure your results are competitive enough when applying for specific positions in your chosen industry.