The Great Importance of Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

The presence of one or more grease traps integrated into the plumbing system is mandatory for every restaurant, preventing grease and solids from entering the company’s sewer system as well as the public sewer system.

It is enforced by the states because the buildup of rotten fat is not only extremely harmful to the sewer system, but also has serious implications for general public health. Restaurant oil cleaning services recommend anyone in the food industry to consider having their oil cleaned with a specialist every three months to avoid oil buildup in internal pipes causing complete damage to the drainage system. You can also visit to get grease trap cleaning in Auckland.

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In fact, the difference between cleaning sessions varies greatly based on the type of food you produce, the volume of business, business season, while personal preference also plays an important role. Thanks to the inventor of the grease separator, which is an ingenious device for separating and removing FOG from waste so that your sewer system runs smoothly.

However, users should keep in mind that a complex device has some capacity to accommodate the built-in FOG, and when that capacity is depleted, it will fail to function, leading to a number of problems.

As the fat traps continue to build up inside, over time the buildup begins to root and give off a foul odour. Everyone can understand how unpleasant odours that permeate the air and spread around a restaurant can annoy customers and damage a company’s reputation.