Creating a Secure Password Policy for Secure Passwords

Consider the following tactics to create a secure password:

• Set policy that accesses to all personal computer requires a password. Most experts recommend changing passwords regularly.

• Strictly prohibit users from giving their passwords to others. Creating a guest account with very limited ability for regular users or visitors. There are many password generators available in the market. You can use best random password generator to create a secure password.

• Permits simple passwords to remember, but not a company name, user name, or other passwords are easy to guess by a colleague. Most passwords are the names of pets, sports teams, kids, and family members.

• Lockout the user name after four consecutive failed attempts to prevent password cracking attacks.

Password Manager Laptop

• To access the network, only allow the username to log in one location. This force does not share the user name.

• Use complex passwords for servers and critical computers. Better yet, use strong, two-factor authentication.

• Train users on how to create complex passwords that they remember but hard to crack.

• You can choose to require that laptops have a complex password during start-up, secure data if the computer is stolen.

• A computer which is off is quite secure, so turn off the workstation on weekends and holidays. Consider closing them down at night. Most experts now agree that shutting down the PC prolongs life and provides energy savings of 60 percent. Concerns about damage to the power-up just are not valid.