Advanced Metal Art – An Overview

Metalworking is the science of mixing and shaping metals for a specific design. Metal art is based on this science. It provides items that may or may not be functional, but are delightful to the eye. That is the art part of metal art. The advanced metal art is an all-inclusive term that covers everything from the most delicate pieces of designer jewelry to large metal sculptures to chopper motorcycles.

The origins of metal art are lost in the clouds of time. The first archaic men who learned to use metal were the first metalworkers. The first of them who added a wave to the functional items they produced were the first metal artists. The flourish may have been to show who had made it or just to make it look better than items made by others. Whatever the reason, the addition of appearance to functionality made them works of metal art.

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Metal art today is a field so large that it is perhaps easier to list all that is not metal art rather than that which is. The most delicate earring is metal art. So is the fabulous-looking sports car. You may say that a sports car is a piece of machinery made for a specific purpose – high performance.

But who will buy an ugly sports car? The appearance is an important factor in the design. The car should not just be fast, but look to be so. That is art. Creating metal art comprises the actions of forming, cutting, and joining metal. With a huge variety of both base metals and alloys to work with, metal artists are able to define their style by the materials they use as much as by their technique.