Unclogging a Drain: Tips and Tricks

Unblocking clogged drains can be a complicated and tedious task, especially when you don't know what you are doing. While there are various chemical solutions that can help you shut down drains, they give off strong fumes which, if used incorrectly, can damage plumbing. Here's a quick guide to help you clean sewers without using toxic products.

Identify blockages

Before starting work, you need to make sure that the drain is clogged. First, make sure your sink, tub, or toilet doesn't drain properly. After confirming that there is a blockage, stop draining the sewer water as this will make the problem worse. You can also hire professionals for toilet unblocking service in Dublin.

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How to unlock drainage

Remove the cover – lift the channel control cover with a screwdriver

Get rid of obstructions – this is where the stick comes from. Use with a plunger extension to clear blockages. Note that this process may take several minutes of turning and turning before the obstructions are completely gone.

Flush – After clearing the blockage, flush the drain to remove any remaining dirt, debris, or blocking particles.

Here's how you can prevent future blockages

Watch out for leaks – periodically check drains for minor blockages before use.

Dispose of waste properly – Waste is the number one cause of clogged gutters. Don't wash insoluble items such as facial wipes or cotton balls, as they can easily clog the drain.

Keep Plants Out of Gutters – Keep flowers and plants away from gutters to prevent dry leaves and debris from falling and getting in the way.