How Does a Water-Cooled Spiral Chiller work?

An air conditioner is a cooling system used for room whereas a water-cooled spiral chiller is a cooling system used for cooling liquids and drying the ambient air. Water-cooled spiral chillers work like air-cooled chillers and follow the same basic principles of evaporation and condensation. 

These water-cooled spiral chillers are used in a variety of industrial and commercial facilities. This water-cooled chiller is very efficient and easy to install, ideal for hotels, hospitals, industry, etc. If you need to get repair and maintenance of these chillers you can look for the best daikin service agents via

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Structure: One closed unit with chiller scroll cooler consists of evaporator, condenser, compressor and expansion valve. The vaporizer is the main initiation point. Here, the tank is filled with water or a water mixture for circulation. The evaporator surrounds the living room with the help of tube bundles.

Then the living room is connected to the compressor. In this case, it is a scroll chiller with a scroll compressor. Scroll compressors are also known as scroll compressors due to their design. In this case, the compressor is connected to a condenser, which is reconnected to the evaporator to repeat the cycle. It is the main element and structure of the water cooled chill roll.

The difference between air-cooled and water-cooled?

The operation of both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers is similar. Both consist of the evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve. The main difference lies in the fact that one uses coolant to cool the condenser whereas the other uses water.