Syn: golf ball purse; furry wallet; poke; sack [Recorded away from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Homosexual Slang]

Syn: golf ball purse; furry wallet; poke; sack [Recorded away from,Wei Lee, Dictionary of Homosexual Slang]

scrub-woman: unrestrained homosexual, uncontrollable notice by a man having intercourse the one that demands for gender from day to night. Pick slut getting Synonyms.

sea-fairy: gay exactly who cruise’s the brand new beach in the summertime days; a homosexual guy just who frequents shores and you can resort to have sexual stumble on. Synonyms: coastline cunt; cover king; sunflower; tailgator; tansie.2. a homosexual sailor.

Seal: 1. [1997 coined by this author, to be used on a penpal page, as definition for this type of person. Like the way the term bear is used.] young legal age teen, or young adult with hairless swimmers body, height, weight, is average or under for the frame.(hairlessness, smaller stature, lack of muscular development.)2 A seal is the younger partner in a relationship where one person prefers a love partner much older than himself. in a intergenerational relationships.. Synonyms.adultophile; boyfag: cherry top; fatherfucker Gerontophilia; intergenerational; manlover. intergenerational relationships; manlover.3 young man with no pubic hair.4. Seals are also legal age adults that looks like they are under, the legal age of consent. Example someone over 21 that looks 14 or 15. [ you better check that boys ID he, looks to young to play with. I know, I did and he is a seal.] an adult that can’t buy cigarettes or alcohol, go to Bar, or go to a R rated movie, without showing identification.< note>[the attraction to legal age adults, young men of eigteen to twenty-one is termed ephebophilia.] this is more about body type, height weight, and about the looks of the partner, with sexual maturity. adult with a, Slender hairless body, With youthful appearance, can pass for 10 to 20 years younger then they are. Many Indians and Asians have this body type into their forty.6. either teens who are 18 or 19, or “boys” who are likely in their early/mid 20s and are trying, somehow, to look younger.7. a gay sailor.

Maybe not somebody who is instead intellectual, otherwise sexual maturity, this might be about the young appearance of the new person5

sea-lions: good sailor that gets unmanageable and then try thrown on brig because of the naval MP’s seance an excellent trois:

Seattle sail: to stand as much as a club thinking about other child, providing find than pull right back. Particularly boys within a highschool moving to help you frightened to inquire about anyone to dancing.

additional virgin: [1990s] not playing sexual acts or otherwise not masturbating assertion out of all the sexual pleasure untell wedding, as the earlier of your Religious faith. [in advance of We came to the lord I had sex with all of the new males I will, however, now I am a vacation virgin.] Synonyms: abstinence; born once more virgin.

self-service: 1. to govern the latest genitals having sexual satisfaction. select self pleasure to have synonyms:2. auto-fellation, this new act out of drawing of those oun dick until climax.

semen: any water released in the climax ; mecotero; milk; oyster; pearl; pearl drop; protein; rice dessert; rich cream sauce; regal jelly; queen bees; sauce; scum; seeds; serpent venom; accumulated snow violent storm; spirit sauce; spunk; starch; sticky; turnip seeds; vitamins; wad; whore’s milk.

semi-closeted: homosexual just who denies that he’s homosexual, it is away simply to an excellent Gays, that brand new is within the closets so you’re able to heterosexual.

Synonyms little one’s baby insert; ball-results oil; animal meat gravy; cocoa butter; comings; cream; cum; cum-cum; knob take in; toy saliva; dolly; deal with lotion; french dressing; liquid; gism; goo; hot direct; hot milk; jelly; jizz; jizzum; juice; drinking water locks putting on a costume; load; love juices; mahu-pol; child oils; maria; mayonnaise; meco en tu boca!

Service (v.): To provide sexual satisfaction, often each day, so you can a low reciprocating male (trade) from the a homosexual. Example. “Johnny features three males you to definitely go on his block weekly.”