Several Parts of the Weber Grill for Grooming and Cooking

Weber barbecue parts can maintain the integrity of the grill, no matter the model. New components and accessories can improve cooking with Weber and add new possibilities, making baking easier or more varied. 

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Weber's charcoal grill has hardly changed from the earlier model of the last century. Replacement parts such as baking wheels and racks can be easily purchased to extend the life of the grill. 

Older models of Weber charcoal grills may require new 6-inch wheels to keep them portable and easy to move from location to location in the garden or patio, as well as during months when it's not walking. storage in use.

New charcoal grills or grills can be purchased for most sizes Weber has ever made. A new shelf should be considered if the original is no longer suitable for cooking due to rust or other damage. If you are considering the new cooking rack, there is also a foldable variant, making it easier to add extra fuel when cooking.

With new parts, it's like you can cook in many ways on the grill, for example charcoal rails. The fuel rail continues to burn the coals in one area of the grill so that indirect heat can cook food like birds. Food that is cooked over fire is not grilled immediately, not grilled.