Retin A Is Effective In Treating Serious Acne Case

Research and evidence did lately point out that Retin A is extremely helpful in treating skin that has been damaged by sunlight, serious acne issues, and stretch marks. However, like all medications, there are chances of tretinoin unwanted effects when you use it. 

You should be aware of this before starting the treatment and consult with a physician in case the side effects do not go away in a few days. Retin A or commonly called Tretinoin contains vitamin A and is available in various forms. 

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acne skin care

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Retin A gel is more powerful than retin a cream since it penetrates the skin greater than the lotion. The Tretinoin gel unplugs the acne follicles and the pimples are attracted to the surface. Additionally, it prevents the formation of new pimples.

Scientific research reveals that Retin A when applied in the skin, improves the blood circulation to the skin and this, in turn, increases the creation of new skin cells. This improves the skin quality and leaves behind youthful-looking skin.

When it is applied topically for the treatment of acne, it decreases the formation of blackheads and strengthens the follicle cell development that extrudes the blackheads.

This medicine is the best acne treatment developed to date. It is possible to purchase tretinoin online too. Wrinkles and fine lines have also been reduced considerably by applying this lotion.