Questions To Ask Your Composite Decking Contractor

Composite decking offers you, without any hassle, the appeal of a natural wood deck. You should ask the following questions before buying composite decking. You can also contact to Gold Coast’s best deck builders to beautify your house.

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What kind of warranty does?

Platform assurance composite can be varied from 10 to 20 years guarantee on materials for the lifetime warranty. Discover what issues are covered by the warranty, such as damage against termites, checking and chipping. You also have to ask what kind of action, such as painting, may void the warranty.

How to keep the board?

Contractors usually use nails or screws to fasten panels to bridge frame. It can expose wood fibers close to moisture damage and because cracking or splitting. For a surcharge, some contractors may remove such defects using the platform hidden clips to secure the panel to the frame.

Is the decking material has a non-slip protection?

Composite bridges can be slippery from water or moisture. For additional security, look for a brand with a non-slip finish.

What level of discoloration should I expect?

Most decks are composite fade slightly when exposed to the sun, because the lignin in the wood. To combat this, some manufacturers add UV protection.

How can I get the most life out of my platform?

Because the composite decking can vary, it hurts to never ask the contractor for a specific maintenance advice based on the platform of the brand you buy.