Printing Processes That Fit Your Marketing Needs

Printing is a key aspect of any comprehensive marketing plan. Businessmen have always used different advertising methods and techniques in order to get their products and services introduced in the market. In this article, we will look at three of the types of printing we might use in an effective marketing campaign.

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Offset printing utilizes a process whereby ink is put onto a roller so that a printing plate can pick up the ink and create an image on a blanket. For full color printing, this process often utilizes four primary colors to build all of the other colors that we see.

These colors are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Offset printing is generally used for longer runs. By longer runs it refers to a greater number of sheets, or pages, that need to be printed.

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Digital print is good for short run and personalized, variable data projects. Digital printing is more economical for shorter runs because there are no plates, there is much less waste and the color is accurate on the first sheet off the press.


Hybrid printing is a combination of the best qualities of both offset and digital printing. Hybrid printing takes the cost effectiveness of offset printing for large four color runs and combines that with the increased response rates personalization and customization make possible by adding a digital black and white imprint.

This application is great for form letters, gift appeals, personalized offers and coupons with barcodes. 

So, you can choose any of the processes according to your requirements.