Know More About Tourist Visa Application

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If you have been planning to visit friends and look at the different towns, you should fill in the application before you are given a tourist visa B-visa or tourist visa is. However, medical care in the NZ is under a tourist visa preview when you go for a short visit to the NZ for business meetings, seminars and conferences.

Awarded by the NZ Citizenship and Immigration, visa B-categories of non-immigrant is given only to stay a while that the activities include travel, meet family and friends, and access to medical care and treatment. You can contact with Electronic Travel Authority New Zealand for getting more knowledge about visa applications.

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Tourist visa for 10 years allows for multiple visits within a period of time. But you can not stay for more than six months, although the extension of 6 months can be availed if you fill tourist visa application at the NZ Citizenship and Immigration.

You must fill out a tourist visa application, Form DS-160, attach a copy of your passport and pay visa fees together with recent photographs that meet strict criteria of Citizenship and Immigration. You will need a letter of invitation or a letter from the sponsor if you are going there to visit relatives. NZ Immigration considers everyone who came to settle there as an immigrant so you must prove that you have strong ties in your home country that prevents you from extending the stay or settle in the NZ.