Know About Why Buy Frozen?

Expensively air freighted out of season or exotic vegetables has become a norm at the wholesaler or supermarket. The carbon footprint created by shipping these items by air is considerable using frozen local products out of season is much more environmentally friendly. So you can buy wholesale frozen food that is of the best quality.

It has long been known that vegetables frozen within an hour of being picked will maintain their nutrients compared with chilled vegetables and worst of all vegetables left at room temperature. Room temperature vegetables can lose all of their obtainable nutrients within seven days without refrigeration.

Reasons for buying frozen products for your business are:

  • Frozen products will be at their peak of quality.
  • Freshness is locked into the product.
  • Frozen produce provides all year availability of seasonal products.
  • Long term menu planning becomes an option.
  • Use as much or as little as you want reducing waste.
  • Avoid using out of season air-freighted produce creating carbon emissions.
  • Nutrients remain in frozen products for ten times longer.

The way we use frozen vegetables has changed. A growing number of people want to eat vegetables with bite this is obtainable if thought is given to the cooking processes involved. A fine bean should be brought to the boil and then turned off the heat, drained a couple of minutes later, and this will ensure a bean that is cooked but with bite.

In conclusion, wholesale frozen foods are ensuring quality with convenience but limiting waste, the result is that the meal producer can still provide inexpensive meals in the face of rising costs from all directions.