Know About Family Emergency Bug-Out Bag

Whenever you pack your "bug bag" or emergency kit, think about water, food, and other essentials first. Write down that if you can't get home right away, you must include both documents and documents you will definitely need.

If you don't live at home or in an emergency shelter, your most basic needs will be met.

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To move on from there and rebuild your life on the rails, you may face insurmountable obstacles if you can't prove who you are, have the financial resources, and have insurance to cover your losses.

When packing your emergency kit, it's also a good idea to pack copies of your most important financial and legal documents.

When the sirens go off, there's no time to go through your important documents and make copies.

Do this now when things calm down. The little space these items use in your package will be invaluable.

Place a copy of the document in a waterproof bag and store it in a small package that you can take out of the bag and carry around your waist in an emergency. You will always want it with you. Never leave it unattended in your emergency equipment.