Interesting Historical Facts About Israel Cities

Jerusalem is without question the most famous cities in the land of Israel. Many people believe Jerusalem is the largest city and the most active economically in this country. You can check this out if you are planning for luxury Israel tours. 

The reason Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is that it is the city’s most historic and valuable for Jews, mostly for religious reasons. You can find out about the same with an online search.  

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Jerusalem has a history of nearly 6,000 years in the deposition of the first and is one of the oldest and most continuously inhabited in the world.

Tel Aviv and Jaffa

The city of Tel Aviv, as we see today, was not founded until 1909, under the British. However, the neighboring city of Jaffa, now part of the metro Tel Aviv, has been inhabited for more than 3500 years old and steeped in modern and ancient history.

Some think that the Jaffa, a port city, has been used to be closer to 4000 years although there is no written record of its existence before 1470 BC


By metro, more than 1 million Israeli cities of Haifa are the third largest. The city has changed names, locations, and dominion over the years.