How To Make Money By Buying, Selling and Recycling Waste?

Yes, you can still get into the cable scrap business. And yes, you can still turn other people's trash into gold. The best way to start is to become a local "junk" dealer. All you need to get started is lots of empty boxes and a pickup. Nearly every metal you find is expensive these days. You can get in touch with Norstar Steel Recyclers to sell scrap metals. 

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Make friends with local contractors, plumbers, electricians, roofers, machine owners, and anyone else involved with metal. If you can find a deal with them, register with these local sources for regularly removing wasted metals. Most of them happily pass it on, which saves them time and money to pull it out. 

Arrange metals according to type … aluminum, brass, copper, iron, steel, tin, etc. Once separated, it costs at least $ 30 per tonne or more. Then you'll need to find a metal processor to scrape your local yellow pages. They are eager to buy all the junk you can get at current prices.

Don't forget to let people know that you are now "recycling" metal. Most people only give you what they have for free. Put a sign on the laundry and on any billboard you can find all over town. 

You could even hire some high school kids to hand out flyers from house to house. If you're motivated, you can even create your own "recycling center" with space for separate bins for each of the different metals. Since people are so ecologically minded these days, they happily bring you their trash.

Reach out to all your local businesses and arrange to receive your scrap metal regularly. Thousands of fortunes are built this way, a very easy start with minimal investment. Once you have enough experience buying and selling local scrap metal, you may want to dive into the big day of garbage, the junk business.