How To Choose The Perfect Power Shower For Your Bathroom

The power shower mixes the shower with an internal pump which increases the rate of water flowing out of the shower head. Strong showers can only be installed in low pressure gravity systems that are usually found in old buildings with cold tanks in the attic and hot cylinders in ventilation cabinets.

Power showers are not suitable if you have a combined water heater or if you have a high-pressure electric-operated system. You can also look for the best shower systems for your bathroom.

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Because the combi boiler heats pressurized water from the power supply as soon as you turn on the tap, you only need a standard shower mixer. If you want more water flow, electric showers are a good choice.

This is connected to the power source and heats the water as needed, while the electric pump helps with pressure – choose a pump with a high kilowatt level to achieve strong flow.

Therefore, check how many liters per minute your shower gives and make sure your water tank can handle it. If not, there is a risk that the system will be emptied and an airlock made. Your plumber will appreciate this.

Some of them can only be hidden behind a wall with fixed showers and visible controls, so it looks very elegant. Automatic control to maintain the set temperature through hot and cold water supplies. It also maintains the temperature when someone turns on the tap or flush the toilet while taking a shower.