How Does Ibogaine Cure Your Addiction?

Ibogaine, a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants, is an outcome of one such effort by the experts. It has appeared as a ray of hope for millions of people fighting with heroin addiction and overdose. Widely acclaimed for its use in the treatment of opioid addiction, Ibogaine has been found to be an effective way to deal with an addiction to opioids, which are often considered as the most difficult drugs to deal with. 

There are many ibogaine treatment centres such as Avante Institute, Ltd that provide clients with the finest therapeutic ibogaine experience available.

ibogaine treatment centers

Ibogaine treatment not only helps patients to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings but also allows them to reverse their drug use behaviours.

How does Ibogaine work?

Ibogaine treatment works in the following manner:

  • It works by disrupting the patterns created by opioid addiction in the brain. 
  • Ibogaine works on brain areas involved in drug cravings and then bring them back to the original state, thereby eliminating withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

According to users who have completed treatment, only one session is enough to combat the severe opioid addiction. With a single dose of Ibogaine, users are more likely to experience a psychedelic state for about 30 hours. 

Often, during this phase, users gain significant insight into their addictive behaviour, which in turn helps control the habit of destroying. Often the first session itself marks the end of addiction. However, the user is encouraged to continue counselling and to seek help from a support group to prevent relapse.