Himalayan Salt Lamps And It’s Natural Health Healing

Himalayan pink salt is salt mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in northern Pakistan. The salt, which at times has a purple tint due to iron traces, is mainly utilized as a popular food ingredient in substitution for refined table salt but has also been used for decorative purposes, cooking, and numerous other applications. Many Himalayan salt lamps are now on the market and use this type of salt in their design. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which give a pleasing visual element when placed in a room or used as decoration.

Himalayan pink salt was used in ancient times by the Hindus as a purifying agent, curing various diseases including high blood pressure, fever, dysentery, and other ailments. The belief was that it would lower the person's blood pressure and reduce the effects of exhaustion. Blood pressure is considered the force or pressure exerted on the blood through the heart. When this force is reduced by salt intake, it lowers the blood pressure to a more acceptable level.

Studies have shown that Himalayan salt reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis in arteries, heart disease, and strokes. It lowers the total cholesterol, increases the HDL or good cholesterol, and decreases the LDL or bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. This affects the fluid balance in the body because LDL carries fat and obesity whereas HDL carries on the healthy fluid balance in the body. Therefore, salt alters the bodily fluid balance, which in turn influences the mineral balance and the overall health of the individual.

Most people today turn to Himalayan salt lamps for their salt intake and as well as for the decorative effect it lends to a room. Although there is much controversy over the health benefits of salt, many people are beginning to see its benefits and are increasing their salt intake. These people also tend to prefer sea salt for its therapeutic attributes rather than Himalayan pink salt.

Himalayan crystal salt was first used by the ancient Indians for curing various diseases. The salt was taken from snow-white crystals found within the Himalayan Mountains. When properly processed, it produced an odorless and colorless salt with a very high atomic charge. The use of this special kind of Himalayan salt had started thousands of years back. It was thought to heal all forms of disease and it was used to treat such ailments as influenza, measles, dysentery, and even as an aphrodisiac for love. Today, there are many manufacturers who produce different varieties of products that claim to have the qualities of Himalayan crystal salt.

There are many different varieties of salts available in the market including sea salt, table salt, natural rock salt, and bouzari. Sea salt tends to be cheaper while natural rock salt and bouzari are more expensive. The price of Himalayan salt has come down significantly over the years and it is now readily available in health stores, supermarkets, and special outlets around the country.

A few studies have indicated that Himalayan salt may lower the blood pressure of people suffering from high blood pressure. Although most of the research on this subject has been conducted on patients who already have high blood pressure, research on normal people is still ongoing. However, the lower blood pressure that is reported by most people consuming the salt may possibly be due to the presence of magnesium and sodium in the salt. These two minerals usually lower blood pressure.

Himalayan salt crystal lamps are a popular natural health product that many people are purchasing to add to their homes. The cool pink color of the salt is a nice addition to any home. The popularity of these lamps is likely due to the numerous reports that are circulating about the positive effects that natural healing can have on our health and well-being. Himalayan salt crystal lamps are certainly worth your consideration.