Explore Various Types of Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have been around for a long time. Shirt gives you the option to be relaxed and comfortable, and at the same time classy appearance and dress. Are you planning to buy a Polo shirt? Here are a few different types that you can go to:


From their name, this is a shirt made of different materials. In most cases they are made of cotton and synthetic materials. This helps in bringing together the affordability of cotton and synthetic material durability. You can purchase various styles of polo shirts through alleghenyapparel.com/polos/.


You use this shirt outdoors. They are usually of very high quality and comes with additional features such as UV protection and odor-reducing. They are made of mixed materials, lightweight. You can bring them to the embroidery, but it is not recommended that you print screen due to high costs.


They are great because they are resistant to stains and wrinkles. They are also strong and last for a long time. While the shirts are great, they are not as soft as cotton which makes them less comfortable to wear. You can only embroider them-screen printing wearing them.


Cotton polo shirts are great because they are comfortable to wear, easy to absorb moisture and cheap. You also can embroider and screen print. Their main drawback is that they are easily crumpled, stains and shrinks.


This is some of the most common types of polo shirts. When buying a shirt you have to remember that a different shirt that is ideal for a variety of occasions. For example, performance shirt that is ideal for sporty and casual occasions. Silk polo shirts on the other hand are ideal for occasions that require you to be stylish.