Emergency Dental Care In Bend Oregon – When You Can’t Wait

You may need emergency dental care if you experience pain, bleeding, or tooth decay. If you experience any of these problems, you should immediately consult a dentist in your area who offers emergency hours or go to the local emergency room.

When you have mouth pain, it can be difficult to know when you need emergency dental care and when your problem can wait until normal business hours. You can also look for urgent dental care in Bend Oregon via https://contemporaryfamilydentistry.com/emergency-dentistry/

If you have a lot of blood from your gums, lips, or soft tissue in your mouth, you may need emergency dental care. Take basic first aid measures, such as apply pressure to stop blood flow.

If the bleeding doesn't stop, or if you have bitten your lip or tongue, or have severely damaged other parts of your mouth, it may be wise to seek professional help immediately.

If your teeth are cracked, dislodged, or broken, you may need immediate oral care. If you can restore the tooth or part of it, put it in milk or water until you can see a dentist.

If you experience pain and swelling, such as a toothache or infected gums, you may need to seek emergency help. Take a pain reliever and rinse your mouth. If this doesn't help and the pain is severe, you may need to contact someone for help.

If you've recently had oral surgery and find problems with stitches, swelling, or bleeding from your mouth, you may need emergency dental care. Call the doctor who did the surgery or call your local emergency room for help.