Efficacious Treatments For Melasma

Melasma means dark or brownish stains on the skin. It is most commonly seen in pregnant women that’s why it is also known as the"pregnancy mask". Statistics have proven that 6 million women across America are currently experiencing this skin condition. In this article, you will get to know some of the efficacious melasma treatment, so keep reading. 


Usually, the stains and dark spots on the skin disappear on their own but it can take a very long time. Lotions using a high concentration of SPF (15 or over ) should be worn in the case of a person with melasma, as UV rays and sunlight stimulate the growth of melasma as a result of a protective reaction to this external stimulation. Given below are some remedies that will help a person remove dark spots:

-Cosmetic cover-up to eliminate the look of black and yarn spots

-Light creams available at 2% hydroquinone in chemist's shops

Some effective treatments are given to lighten hyperpigmented stains:

-Topical agents like hydroquinone available in the strength of any chemist shop (2 percent ) or prescribed lotions (4%).

-Azelaic Acid assists in reducing the activity of pigment cells in the form of melanocytes. -Remember that this treatment should not be used during pregnancy.

-Plowing occurs in all the above remedies and requires strict avoidance of ultraviolet rays.

-Another system is using electrical treatments to get rid of dark locations. The products and remedies used are based on the consumer's skin type, so that the best possible outcomes can be gotten. An individual can make many options using natural substances at home which are very powerful.

Laser Therapy – If the problem worsens and nothing else is working, laser treatment is the only alternative. With the advancement in technology, many high-end laser devices are used to offer effective and fast results.