E Learning Authoring Tools for Mobile Learning

Mobile technology increasingly creeps into people's everyday lives. As smartphones, PDAs, tablet PCs, and netbooks continue to develop and increase in functionality, application developers continue to experiment and offer new apps that not only entertains but also increases productivity.

E-learning or electronic learning is just one sector where mobile technologies are rapidly gaining ground. The new term, MLearning or mobile learning, encapsulates the concept entirely. This study anywhere, in your pocket, and on hand at anytime, anywhere. You can search for the best customized elearning development online.

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Enthusiasm for the new learning approach met by an increase in e-learning authoring tools developed for mobile applications. Some of these are:


Lectora is an authoring tool that is not specifically configured for mobile learning but the results are accessible on most mobile browsers like Safari on the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Skyfire on Android.

Mobile Learning Environment (MLE)

Developed by GoKnow!, MLE allows educators to manage the activities included student assessment and data back-up through mobile devices. Authoring tools especially made for K-12 students.

Chalk Pushcast Software

Unlike most mobile apps where the iPhone and iPad take center stage, this software is made specifically for BlackBerry smartphones. A special feature includes a plug-in for PowerPoint presentations where attendees or employees can review lectures or talks anywhere. Authoring mode is similar to a regular PowerPoint interface and presentations can include graphics, video or audio.