Different Types Of Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is needed for back and leg pain. Now's minimally invasive techniques may create as little of an embryo for a half-inch, with a recovery period almost overnight rather than a number of the processes available previously. 

A doctor in Singapore can choose whether minimally invasive spine surgery is suitable or not by diagnosing the problem and determining the possibility for execution. If it becomes severe, you need to contact the best doctors for the back surgical-procedure in Singapore.


There are lots of processes available for different states, and a few that are currently under study. For reduced back pain, these techniques also provide lots of relief.

Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion can tackle scoliosis, spinal degeneration, and uncertainty brought on by aging or injury. Conducted through small incisions into the trunk with an endoscope and high-tech tools which operate, the surgeon can see the process on a television screen with fantastic clarity.  


Bone fractures at the spine can come from many different causes, including osteoporosis, obesity, hyperthyroidism, or cancer and its therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Kyphoplasty was designed to give stability to shattered or fractured limbs. Throughout the spine surgery in Singapore, a tiny incision is made from the trunk and an endoscope is inserted beside the injured bone.  

X-Stop Spacer

If folks suffer from lumbar spinal stenosis – that will be the narrowing of the passageways of the vertebrae in which the spinal cord and nerve roots pass – they are going to have pain in the buttocks, groin, and leg. After the person is bending over or sitting down, then the spine bones release the strain on the nerves and extend relief.