Choose The Correct Golf Club For Intermediate Players

Choosing the right golf club is a crucial factor for playing golf well. Your journey from beginner to intermediate level needs lots of changes. Therefore, it is expected that the set of golf clubs with which you played well as a beginner may not equally help you in the next stage. Rather it may restrain your success as an intermediate player.

If you are an intermediate-level player and want to proceed further as an expert golfer, follow these tips on choosing the best golf clubs for intermediate golfers.

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Why playing misfit golf clubs is setting you up for some serious frustration

Who is an intermediate player?

First of all, you should clearly define your position as an intermediate player. When a golfer consistently makes good control of the ball and covers the expected distance by hitting his irons more accurately, he is supposed to be labeled as an intermediate golfer.

At this stage, he can reach the greens with only four or five strokes per round. As an intermediate player, the stroke Albany golf club allows you to swing with more power and speed than before.

What is the perfect setup for intermediate golfers?

Controlling the game

As a beginner in this game, you can use clubs with bigger heads, larger sweet spots, and stiffer shafts since you are vulnerable to do several mistakes. But at the intermediate level, you are not allowed to commit such mistakes. So, you must have good control of the game. Use golf clubs that have a more flexible shaft.

Rechecking your existing clubs

As an intermediate player, you don't need to replace your entire golf club. Rather you should recheck your existing clubs to sort out which clubs are still appropriate for you.