Chicken Breeds For Your Backyard

Running a farm proves to be an arduous task for many. The task of waking up early to feed the animals, to let them graze into the open fields and absorb the morning sun’s Vitamin D might sound so tiring for a lot of folks. Yes, running a farm is a difficult job yet the benefits you reap are amazing. The daily fresh eggs and milk you get from your chickens and cows.

You have juicy meat that you can get from your big fat pigs. You can also shear your wooly sheep for some warm wool. Then there is cheese from your goat. Raising animals although difficult is fulfilling. But if you don’t have enough space and would want to raise animals on your own, you should consider backyard chicken farming.

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Raising Backyard Chickens for Dummies - Modern Farmer

Raising fowl in your backyard is definitely a great farming endeavor. They are a very profitable business. Egg-layer chickens will lay eggs every day. All you need to provide is enough space for them to wander around and a coop for them to take shelter when it rains or when they lay eggs.

Aside from regular backyard cleaning, you will need to feed them at least once or twice a day. Other than the equipment and housing needed for you to start your backyard chicken business, the most crucial information you need to know is about the chickens themselves. There are numerous breeds of chicken in the world. It would be wise to at least know some of them before you start breeding some chickens in your own backyard.

The Plymouth Rock Chicken. It is a breed that has numerous varieties with white and barred being the most popular among the Plymouth Rock bunch. Plymouth Rock birds tend to be friendly and obedient. This breed is commonly recommended for newbie chicken hobbyists or entrepreneurs. The Plymouth Rock breed reaches a significant size of 10 pounds. This chicken breed can be used for its excellent quality meat and can also produce great brown eggs. The Plymouth Rock is a dual-purpose chicken breed.