Configure Range Extender Without WPS Button On Router

Seeking for some information how to Configure Range Extender without WPS Button on Router? If yes, then this post is only for you. Here, in this post we will discuss some simple and easy steps for Netgear Wifi Extender Setup.

Ethernet connection:

  1. Before you connect your range extender with router via Ethernet cable, it is recommended to cancel the wireless link established between the network and your computer.
  2. Configure Netgear Wifi Extender by using web management page. To access this page, connect the range extender to the Ethernet.
  3. Power on the device first before connecting it to Ethernet cable
  4. Plug one end of the cable to the desktop and another end to the Ethernet port of extender. In this way, a connection between range extender and computer will be established.

Wireless connection:

  1. Open you computer or laptop and click on wifi icon. You will geta complete list of available networks. Connect to the default network.
  2. Open any browser like Chrome, Firefox, opera, internet explorer from the computer or laptop and enter Here you need to enter the extender setup link.
  3. Login to the extender page with the default credentials. When you enter your user name and password then a new window will open on the screen.
  4. After successful login you will find a new window in front of your screen. This will display the web management page.
  5. Click in the center of the web management page.
  6. You will be prompted to select the region.
  7. Select the name of the network you are using.
  8. When finished, don’t forget to click on ‘Finish’ option.

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Did You Know How To Buy The Right Pool Enclosures?

There are many alternatives for individuals shopping for perfect pool enclosures.  This hasn't made it effortless for the men and women that are confronted with the requirement to buy the equipment.  It's extremely simple for a individual to discover providers over the net.

However, the major question is what is needed to purchase the best gear for their swimming pool. It's necessary for the owner to understand the reason why they have to purchase this specific equipment and the purpose it serves. However, it will be best to consult a professional installer from companies such as for the type of pool covers you should choose.

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They understand which characteristic of the gear supersedes others in connection with their own need.  After all of the priorities are set in place then an individual can make the ideal selection for them.

Be sure you are clear about the rationale as to why you're purchasing the gear. Most house owners find it much easier to have their own amenities in an open location.  This is only because the individuals involved what things to have the ability to enjoy the outside weather whilst swimming or basking.

A range of people discover the existence of the enclosure for a deterrent for them with regard to aesthetics.  Truth be told, these recreational centers are supposed to be utilized as opposed to viewing them.

With the purchase of the gear in question, a individual gets the usage of their facilities throughout the year. After the place is burnt, it's the capability to maintain warmth. This usually means that the expenses incurred for maintaining it in the ideal temperatures are reduced.

Things That You Should Know About Smartphones

The affection of smartphones is growing each passing day. Every day, the cell phone makers are thinking up new smartphones and also the clients are piling up on the newest technologies. Double sim smartphones also have made it a lot easier to handle professional and personal amounts concurrently.

Your best cheap android phone is really the best only once you understand how to use it optimally.


There's one thing which unmistakably wins everything else and it's the internet.  It's the trick to running any smartphone and with no net, your smartphone isn't anything but only equal to the predecessor, a multimedia mobile phone.

Smartphones today, are becoming a main device and nearly everybody is using these to get net on a daily basis. Tasks such as sending an email or speaking to a person are a few of the things which are readily accomplished.


Generally playing games, watching movies or doing something that's heavy on the chip proves to be the main reason for low battery lifetime. If you're looking ahead to use your cell phone for a longer streak with just a single fee, it's highly recommended to restrict the telephone's usage to necessary functions such as phoning.

Range of Programs

When you get a smartphone, you're surely never becoming bored one second in your lifetime. There are countless software awaiting you in the drama shop.  Each time you venture in the play shop, you'll find software suiting all of your needs from camera to talking and video calls and far more. There's not any such thing as a limitation using a smartphone.