Creator’s guide to building resources over AJDT and AspectJ

Creator’s guide to building resources over AJDT and AspectJ

This site is intended to aid anyone developing gear to increase or assist AJDT/AspectJ. Kindly subscribe to this site with any pertinent ideas, eg example rule using the AJDT and/or AspectJ APIs.

These pages is beyond big date. Our intent would be to modify these pages for AJDT 1.6.1, but there is perhaps not got opportunity for this yet. Be sure to understand that the what exactly is on this page may no longer be correct. For those who have questions, kindly deliver them to the subscriber list ajdt-dev.


  • 1 buying crosscutting partnership suggestions from AJDT
  • 2 Compilation Units in AJDT
    • 2.1 Getting the items in an AJCompilationUnit
  • 3 Using the AspectJ AST parser
  • 4 recognized limits, insects, and outstanding issues
  • 5 The interface hardware are expected to use to get the AspectJ compiler

Getting crosscutting commitment information from AJDT

If you should be establishing an eclipse plug-in and call for the means to access crosscutting suggestions whenever a task is built, you’ll be able to sign up a listener with AJDT. Your own plug-in should depend on org.eclipse.ajdt.core, org.eclipse.core.resources and org.eclipse.jdt.core, and org.aspectj.weaver. During the org.eclipse.ajdt.core plug-in there is an IAdviceChangedListener software with an individual adviceChanged() process.

Join this because of the AJBuilder course like this (in your plug-in’s start() way of example):

At this time (AJDT 1.6) this will be known as after each and every build of an AspectJ job (for example. every *potential* information modification). In a future launch this can be optimized getting merely called if the information provides really altered. AJDT/UI makes use of this apparatus to revise the lime arrow picture decorator.

Crosscutting suggestions may then become extracted from the AJProjectModelFacade lessons. Read More