Already Home a A Good Big World

Already Home a A Good Big World

From What Your Location Is a Lifehouse

dating an aquarius

With a clue of twang similar to a country song, this song was an authentic anthem for almost any long-distance couples. Centering on what you lose out on and lose in an LDR, this will be seriously a song to hear if you want a cry.


Up to now from in which you areThese kilometers have actually split united states globes apartAnd we overlook yourYeah, we overlook youSo far off from the place you areStanding under the starsAnd I wish you had been here

I miss out the ages which were erasedI miss out the means the sun’s rays would light up your faceI skip every small things We never thought that they’d indicate anything to meYeah, We neglect youAnd If only you were right here

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