3: Cut the date jar info away

3: Cut the date jar info away

When you’re reducing brand new time container ideas to put on popsicle sticks, try to cut right on the interior of dark-gray border range so that you do not see the range. This will make sure your glides out of paper match perfectly towards the into the craft sticks.

Step four: Have fun with Mod Podge to glue the idea paperwork to the popsicle sticks

I began using a small paintbrush, however, quickly turned to a foam brush whilst is much easier and you can reduced to apply brand new Mod Podge.

Very first, clean a slimmer covering of Mod Podge onto one side of one’s popsicle adhere. Up coming, put the time idea report close to top of the glue and also in the midst of the brand new adhere. Ultimately, clean other slim layer out-of Mod Podge in addition time tip and set the new follow the top to help you lifeless:

The fresh new coating away from Mod Podge on top of the finished adhere really helps to include your day jar sticks and you may will act as an effective “sealer”. Read More