Breast Augmentation And Breast Lift – Know More About The Procedures

Many women opt for a breast lift, also called a mastopexy, because they have begun to have excessive droopiness. The medical term for sagging is ptosis. Some sagging is considered normal, but excessive ptosis is rated in categories from mild to moderate to severe. 

There are some different breast lift methods that can be used to correct ptosis, and each type has a unique cut. To get more information about the breast lift and augmentation surgery in Dallas visit

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The types are:

Crescent Mastopexy: Also called the crescent lift. The incision in this operation is a semicircle around the top of the nipple and the areola area. This method is best for cases where minimal tightening is required.

Concentric Mastopexy: This procedure is also called donut lift. The cut is a full circle around the nipple and areola, similar to a donut shape. This would be appropriate as the next development after the crescent and would offer a bit more.

Augmentation requires the surgeon to place an implant filled with a saline or silicone solution for a fuller look. The implant can be placed either behind the muscle or in front of it.

If you are interested in undergoing one of these surgeries, make an appointment with a reputable plastic surgeon to find out the best option for your body.