Black Truffle Sea Salt A Must Have

Black Truffle sea salt is among the finest two or three selling artificial salts on the market today. It's also the salt with the most history. For thousands of years, people have been using black truffle salt as a food and health supplement all over the world. Most people love its rich earthy taste.

While black truffle salt is generally most expensive natural salt, you may be surprised to learn that the going rate in April 2021 per pound for fresh truffles range from $1535 to $7500/ Pound. This is because Truffles are much harder to preserve than regular table salt. So the Truffle has had to compete with regular salt in the food chain. As a result, the quality of Truffles is better than Regular Salt. It's also harder to find Truffles that have not been salted at sea. This makes them more expensive than regular salt.

One way to enjoy the flavor of black truffle sea salt is to dry it and then sprinkle it on salads and cooked foods. Since the salt dissolves easily in water, it makes a great seasoning for fish, tofu and other sea food. You can sprinkle it on baked potatoes or heat it up in a skillet for a delicious treat. You can add it to your pasta sauce and gravies to enhance the flavor. And you'll find that it goes well with shrimp, lobster and chicken.

Another way to enjoy this tasty seasoning is to sprinkle it on coffee. Some people use it on popcorn. The flavor is enhanced by the heat from the popcorn. If you like it on coffee, try to drizzle on a little bit on your morning cereal. It will start out the day right and you'll be glad you did it later. Some people use the black truffle sea salt on their popcorn to make it pop more, but it works well with any kind of popcorn.

If you like to go on picnics, consider sprinkling some black truffle sea salt on your sandwiches. This will add a unique flavor to your sandwiches. This is also a good idea for those who like to eat grilled foods. It adds a lot of flavor without too much salt. You won't overpower the flavor of the grilled foods, but you will definitely add your own special touch.

When you want to dress up brownies, you can do so easily with this blend. It is considered to be a summer flavor, so the black truffle sea salt will give the brownie that nice, rich, summer flavor. The blend is easy to use and the taste is really great. Everyone will surely be complimenting you on this one and you can bet their friends will be as well.

It's really easy to make these truffles. All you need are regular table salt, a food processor or a blender, and a high heat oven. You can also purchase the powder and follow the directions given on the package. Mix the powder with the regular salt until the powder comes out as a powder. Add the high heat and shake until the mixture turns into a paste-like substance.

There are many other recipes you can use this blend with, but it is highly suggested you use truffle salt for any recipe that calls for regular table salt. If you're using the black truffle salt for fish, chicken, or pork, you can just use it for those purposes. This is such a versatile seasoning that you'll never run out of uses for it. No matter what you are making with it, you are sure to love the flavor and the uniqueness it brings to every dish.