Bell wishes she is actually into the existing days whenever the woman father demonstrated he adored the lady

Bell wishes she is actually into the existing days whenever the woman father demonstrated he adored the lady

Naga becomes annoyed at Bell to have perhaps not respecting lives, however, discovers these philosophy are from this lady dad

Bell will get awakened away from the woman fantasy because of the Naga who wants to talk with this lady about anything. Dr. X phone calls Bell and discovers of Darkstar Council’s passing and lets Bell to relax and play about accumulated snow. Naga inquiries as to the reasons she slain Samantha, whether it only is actually would be to cover GIR. Meanwhile Grim and you will Dee Dee are on the spirit out-of Samantha. Grim initiate soul-scouring, Dee Dee seeking a certain memories during the Sam’s lives.

Both in Sam and you can Bell’s mutual memory, Dr. X asked Sam to show an early Bell this lady automated pieces. Bell try interested in the brand new robotic pieces however, Samantha leftover quickly, leaving Bell sad. Sam visits the woman resting pod in which Zim was working on a project. Sam gets in the woman asleep pod. Zim suggests to fix their skin cells and certainly will aftermath the lady up whenever Dr. X requires it. Xander. Sam learns she survived an awful collision along with the let of the latest technology is renewed given that a great cyborg. She reduced remembered there’s an instance in which kilobots caused getting a big slaughter. Sam learned that the lady medabot Peppercat along with her household members all the got passed away and you can ran into apprenticeship with Dr. Xander. It did not improve but over the years Sam’s grief faded.

Grim and you will Dee Dee delve next into Sam’s recollections where she wakes right up from inside the a studio with Dr

Grim and you may Dee Dee follow up yet another direct due to the fact Bell tells on her amount of time in Black Eden. Bell remembers a mind regarding this lady appointment Zim in her household and developing their friendship having GIR. One-day Sam are awakened because of the Xander once more and you can she try showing Bell a separate thing, the girl arm turned a tool. They followed closely by Xander informing Bell he might transform as well, playing with chemicals X. The guy showed their sales, changing into a devil-such as for example are, far to help you Bell’s fright. Fortunately it had been quickly repaired by the Zim putting GIR’s canine outfit on which calmed Bell off. Samantha realized Bell would not be ready but still magic what Zim is doing indeed there.

Then back in its history Sam awakens which is tasked by the Xander so you’re able to retrieve the Irken, Zim, to participate the trigger. Xander including explains which he had a sample out of chemical compounds X from Teacher Utonium and therefore he’ll feel experimenting with. Sam journey so you can Antarctica in order to free Zim however, discovers your arguing which have Killgore. Sam throws the little bot into the a dish washer and frees Zim, even after his lingering insulting and you can intimidating. Zim attempts to assault Sam but she hacked his PAK very it would electrocute him if the the guy does. Zim provides for the and you can happens along, bringing Killgore that have him getting testing. Because they head back domestic, Sam finds out Eden totally shed and you will lower than chemical substances X ooze. She finds out Xander, switched from the agents X far so you’re able to the woman horror. Xander grabs Zim and you can Killgore and you can spends an electricity manipulation in order to put up concern included, cleaning the minds. Terrified, the brand new heart from Sam begins to awaken together with memory spread. It signifies that Zim managed to fool around with Killgore so you can summons Vexus additionally the cluster, and then make an undertake Dr. X and Sam become a cluster robot by herself to help you forget all the the pain sensation in her existence.

Bell tells Naga you to this lady dad forgot on the Mandark, driving forward, when you are she cannot. They get disrupted of the Mojo Jojo and you can Zim, asking for Bell in the future household. Naga states she matters as well and constantly can phone call on him. Samantha awakens just like the goes together with Dee Dee so you can heaven since Grim and you may Naga mention their recent discoveries, Naga advising one Bell try a unique woman who can give regarding change.