Aluminum Boxes: Stable With A Lid & Stackable

There are different variants that are more suitable depending on the route and location. The most stable version is an aluminum box made of light metal. These are available in various sizes, each providing a huge amount of space for equipment and outdoor equipment. 

They can also usually be closed so that several boxes are stacked on top of each other,  which means that you have a neat arrangement and saves further space. You can find the best waterproof aluminium boxes via

Aluminum Boxes

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Strongboxes are insensitive and splash-proof, so that they can also be used as seating outside, for example, and are not only practical but also multifunctional.

If you are planning a long trip lasting several weeks, you will usually come with not only the most essential equipment but also electronic devices such as laptops and cameras. 

Since there is additional equipment to transport accordingly, additional camping boxes are required to maintain order. Aluminum boxes can be more stable than before!

They are strong, shock-proof and waterproof and airtight and sometimes have a foam interior. This makes them ideal for sensitive luggage and ensures that all your important travel items are carried safely.

We provide you solutions for transportation, storage, and packaging in the form of high-quality flight cases, aluminum boxes, aluminum cases, and many transport cases. 

In addition to many attractive standard solutions, the range also includes custom-made products made of aluminum, steel, multiplex wood, and polypropylene.