All About Migration of Website to a CMS

A CMS is a web application that creates web pages. Having a CMS system installed on your site is allowing you the ability to edit the text pages with a tool that is very similar to the tools you use to edit a Word document. Simplicity is designed to allow users to create and manage website content with little or no difficulty.

Converting a website to a Content Management System is not only beneficial for those that have a website that needs constant updating but having a CMS is also cost effect as site owners can rely on themselves, or their employees, to update content, add images, add a video, etc.

Practically it eliminates the need to contract a web designer for simple on-site edits. If you are looking for more information about Drupal website migration then you can check out various online resources.

WordPress and Drupal are two popular and notable Content Management Systems. These CMS's are important to mention because they are free open-source applications. The systems themselves have several active developers working on adding custom features, known as "plug-ins".

Plug-ins, or available website add-ons, includes shopping carts, photo-galleries, social media widgets, etc. The availability of plug-ins reduces the time it takes to initially develop the website. The availability of plug-ins also reduces production costs.