All About Chimney Repairs In Milwaukee

Many people may think that chimney repair is easy. On the other hand, this is actually quite difficult because the location of the damage must be checked first.

You can do it yourself; you may be able to use binoculars for visual effects, but it is advisable to contact a professional to inspect your chimney. You can also hire the professionals for chimney repair in Milwaukee via

This job is not like DIY. Performing chimney repairs require skilled professionals (experience mason) who will climb the roof and use the correct inspection equipment.

Get to know your chimney

The chimney consists of three (3) parts:

1) There are "smoke channels" and a lot of people know about them. This is the passageway on the upper part where smoke flows through the exit. They are usually made of stainless steel or clay (burnt).

2) We also have a "stack". This can be seen from the outside and is mostly covered with stone or brick.

3) Lastly, there is the "crown". These parts are usually prone to cracking due to constant heat sources and this can eventually damage fireplaces and even homes as moisture will soak in.

The lack of brick, stone, and mortar in old chimneys is an example of a common problem when repairing chimneys. If not, there is a good chance that moisture will enter your fireplace. It will ruin your house.

You can hire someone to do the chimney repair and ask them to check the condition of your chimney. Better to make sure your chimney is still working properly.