5 Tips on How Outdoor Commercial Trash Cans Will Reduce Litter at Your Business

Trash cans are a necessity for commercial businesses. From junk mail to gum residue on the sidewalk, trash cans prevent your business from looking disheveled and dirty. There’s no denying that plenty of garbage accumulates throughout the day. As a business owner, one of your biggest priorities is making sure the litter around your property doesn’t get out of control. It’s important to maintain the cleanliness of your business to keep your customers coming back. Here are five tips on how outdoor commercial trash cans will reduce litter at your business:

Too many businesses fail to realize the value of having outdoor commercial trash cans at their facility. In a lot of cases, people don't realize how much more litter is thrown around just because there aren't any outdoor commercial trash cans. If you want to reduce litter in your community, then using outdoor commercial trash cans are a great way to go about it.

It is a proven fact that an outdoor commercial trash container will reduce litter at your business. It will also make a much better impression on potential customers who visit or drive by your business. There are a lot of  Garbage Bins Suppliers Dubai, UAE. But not all garbage bins suppliers have good quality garbage bins to offer. Not only is the outside appearance of your business improved, but the inside benefits as well.

Position commercial trash cans for maximum use

1. Perform a litter audit of your business.

Performing a litter audit can be as simple as taking a walk around your business and noting areas where you see litter. This can be an effective strategy for gaining insight into areas where you need to install new garbage trash cans receptacles or remove existing ones.

Another way to reduce litter from your business is by evaluating the placement of your outdoor trash receptacles. Consider the best locations for each receptacle, and think about ways to encourage customers and employees to use them.

2. Properly space your outdoor commercial trash cans.

Studies have shown that customers are more likely to take the trash rather than bother someone for a garbage bag. If you have unsecured trash cans, customers will simply dump their trash on the ground if they cannot find a bag. So spacing your outdoor commercial trash cans is crucial to keeping your business clean and your customers asking for more!

Inefficient garbage trash cans placement is one of the most common mistakes commercial trash collectors encounter when emptying your outdoor commercial trash cans in the community. You might be tired of hearing this, but improperly spaced commercial trash cans will ultimately lead to rodent issues, excessive littering, and unsightly messes that your customers don’t want to deal with. It also puts a financial strain on you because you’ll need to constantly empty your commercial trash cans more frequently which will eat up profits.

3. Install plenty of trash cans

If you don’t have enough trash cans, your patrons will miss the trash can and accidentally litter your property. Although you might consider moving the locations of the existing trash cans instead of purchasing additional ones, that isn’t always an option.

A lot of businesses have had to try and figure out ways to cut back costs in certain areas. One that a lot of people are cutting back on is spending money on commercial trash cans. When it comes to trash cans, many consumers are searching for places that are going to provide them with the most for their money, which is why these cans need to be properly positioned throughout the property.

4. Empty trash cans regularly.

Empty your commercial trash cans regularly to keep them from piling up with garbage. Familiarize yourself with waste disposal regulations so that you can keep your place of business legal and tidy.

Maintaining a public area isn’t an easy task, especially when it comes to keeping the waste transh cans emptied. Proper management of these containers will mitigate many of the common problems associated with placed trash bins, including unpleasant odors and unsightly messes.

5. Cover trash receptacles. 

There are multiple reasons why cover trash receptacles are an important part of a commercial recycling program. They can prevent unsanitary conditions, as well as assist in controlling litter, graffiti, and most of all, help to limit the spread of disease.

Covering trash cans receptacles is one of the easiest things you can do to clean up your property and make it look presentable. There are custom-made trash can covers you could purchase. But these can be expensive and don’t necessarily offer optimal reuse of trashed items. A far better option is to use a few old blankets instead and secure them in an old shirt or tarpaulin.

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